Events listed on this site should be a complete listing of anything and everything scheduled on campus, so if it was scheduled in the BW's campus-wide Event Management System (EMS), it will show up here.

To request a space anywhere on campus, PLEASE LOG IN.

When reserving space for meetings and events, all reservations may be modified, relocated, changed, or canceled in order to comply with any attendance limitations, physical distancing guidelines, limited room setups or services, University needs, or other unforeseen situations. If we need to make any changes to your reservation, we will notify you as soon as possible and work with you to reschedule or alter your reservation as needed.


Boesel Musical Arts Center (BMAC) Destinee Siebe 440-826-8078
Black Cultural Center Ericka Walker-Smith 440-826-2772
Center for Innovation & Growth (CIG) Union Scheduling Office 440-826-2351
Dietsch Hall Brenda Lennox 440-826-2076
Durst Welcome Center Gretchen Hannon 440-826-8013
George Finnie Stadium Rob Becker 440-826-2286
Health Sciences Building (201 Front Street) Suzi Foley 440-826-2221
Helwig Whistle Stop Yvonne Lopresto 440-826-2483
Kamm Hall Kamm Scheduling 440-826-2392
Kleist Center for Art  & Drama Eddie Coffield 440-826-3453
Knowlton Center Lynn Cardoza 440-826-2117
Kulas Hall Destinee Siebe 440-826-8078
Lindsay-Crossman Chapel CJ Harkness 440-826-2426
Loomis Hall (formerly MCS) - Classrooms Kyle Kuehn 440-826-2278
Lou Higgins Center Rob Becker 440-826-2286
Malicky Center Barbie Chapin 440-826-2197
Marting Hall Hannah Budic 440-826-2193
Merner-Pfeiffer Hall Destinee Siebe 440-826-8078
Observatory Barb Rethas 440-826-2262
Outdoor Spaces (North Quad West Lawn, Carmel Lawn, etc.)
    - Carmel Lawn, North Quad, West Lawn Union Scheduling Office 440-826-2351
    - Klein Field, Tennis Courts Rob Becker 440-826-2286
    - Kohler Lawn Destinee Siebe 440-826-8078
    - Athletic Fields Rob Becker 440-826-2286
Ritter Library
    - 101 & 116 Computer Lab Laura D'Amato 440-826-3597
    - The Learning Center (214A & 214B) Julie Delima 440-826-2147
Student Activities Center (SAC) Union Scheduling Office 440-826-2351
    - Agora FSL Conference Room Fraternity/Sorority Life 440-826-2356
Telfer Hall Barb Rethas 440-826-2262
Union (Strosacker Hall) Union Scheduling Office 440-826-2351
    - SLC Conference/Meeting Table Student Life Center 440-826-2356
Wheeler Hall Shawn Straub 440-826-2168
Wilker Hall  Gerrie Paino 440-826-2312

Still can't find the right person to schedule your space?
Contact the Union Scheduling Office and we can help direct you to the correct department.